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FATVillage Arts District

FATVillage is located in the heart of downtown Ft. Lauderdale and acts as a hub for local creative businesses & artists.



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Burnt Feathers Couture is the best!

Definitely different. Tough to find a parking place. All kinds of small artist studios. We went on a FRiday night where they had a lot of food trucks and an area with tents selling arts, craft, and cloths.

Fat Village is growing better each time there's an Art Walk. I've been to 3 others and this time was the best ever. The art has matured into something both Boomers and Millennials enjoy. The studios, workplaces and schools were turned into places that encouraged wandering with something happening everywhere. Much of the work was interactive, such as the large posted sheet where we all wrote one-word descriptions of ourselves. The visitors were a show in themselves. I was reminded of the "love fests" we had in the 60s; filled with original characters in all sorts of dress. We didn't care for the street food but the friendly "bars" all over were a great place to hang at and talk to friendly locals. Fat Village Center for the Arts will inspire those thinking of taking art for fun or true skills. Yes, parking is difficult but it was well worth the small effort. We all need a 'paseo' or Art Walk occasionally!

Always a great time, and it's free !! But do you will find some food, art & retail items irresistible.

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