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Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution


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The Darshan Center is a shining example of how we all can be one, you can call it ecumenical, interfaith etc., but it is the reflection of no matter what path you have chosen or follow, this is an experience of the Creator's amazing love for everyone. Attending the services & events has not only enabled me to solidify my faith but expand my faith & see God's love for all in every area of life. My interfaith experience at Darshan Center has lead me on the journey to my inner faith. Rev. Michael Theogene

The Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution is every bit of what it's title is and more. I have attended the services and events since its inception. I have never been disappointed. It is the embodiment of all religions and broken the barriers of the exclusion that religious institutions bring. There is "no" religion at Darshan. But a living statement of God's love for everyone no matter who you are and what tradition you follow...all are welcome. Honey Theogene