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Coral Springs Center For The Arts

The Coral Springs Center for the Arts brings the finest in music, dance, comedy, and more to the community.



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This complex was created as a municipal gym and auditorium in 1990. In 1996 it received a four million dollar renovation to create the 1,471 seat theater and to expand the campus. I'm a long time fan of this arts complex. When my daughter was in elementary school I used to take her and her friends over for art classes and to the children's events they hosted. She grew up attending the school field trips to the theater. In later years they added a peace sculpture garden outside that now hosts a touching painted rock tribute to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. I came over on election day with a friend to view the art museum. They kindly offered free admission in honor of election day. The rest of the arts enter was being used as a voting site. Although small the art gallery is beautifully done with a wide open space, wood floors, and floor to window ceilings. During our visit there were three art exhibits. The main one was Metamorphosis by artist Daniel Winn. The exhibit was large fantasy paintings of people but my favorite part was sculptures of hands holding brightly colored apples. There was also an exhibit by the National Association of Women Artists called Daydreaming and art by Rolande Reverdy Moorhead called War and Patriotism that seemed appropriate for Veteran Day. The art museum also has a small gift shop selling beautiful jewelry, books, and decorative items. At the Center for the Arts you see art, stroll a sculpture garden, or view a Broadway quality production. The center also has a dance studio and meeting rooms. Parking is free and plentiful which is always a plus. Coral Springs continues to be a beacon of the arts with this remarkable venue.

Show was great, but the staff were eye rolling me and quiet me for no reason. No offense

I recently attended "The Machine" a Pink Floyd cover band. Getting into and out of the parking lot was fairly easy and the staff that I interacted with were very friendly. The part where this venue fell short is the seat map used to purchase tickets is very misleading! The map clearly shows an aisle between the center and left/right sections when in reality there is no such aisle. This lead me to purchase seats which I believed were going to be on the aisle, which were not! Not only were the seats not on the aisle, but the seat next to it was angled so there was even less leg room than the regular seats.

Great place for a night out with the wife, big variety of weekly shows. It is also home for Next Stop Broadway, a theatre company that offers summer theatre camp for kids of all ages. They also offer a theatre program during the school year.

Its a great place. Had fabulous time