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Providing service since 1938, Broward Health is a nationally recognized system offering world class healthcare services to our neighbors in South Florida.


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I Love them to death, but they brought me back twice. Can't nobody tell me nothing else about them. They did my brain surgery and you couldn't even tell it if you look at me if I told you. So thanks Dr Roberts and Dr Powell for everything I wouldn't trade you all for nothing. 🤒🤕💪💪💪😎🤗😇

My mother had outpatient surgery here last week. I can’t express the difference of service this hospital has compared to Memorial. The way they have everything setup it just flows smoothly. They keep you infomed and never seem to be bothered when you ask them something. They had my mother out of surgery and discharged in an hour. Give us instructions and even called two days later to see how my mother was doing (never has Memorial done this they just send their annoying survey in the mail). Staff was great and helpful. I would recommended this out-patien my hospital to anyone.

Dr. Pham and his dental staff here are a very professional and orderly team. They're always very courteous and willing to help with any questions or concerns. I have had more than 10 appointments here recently and the work that was done on me is superb. I've had no problems with my teeth after each visit. This branch of Broward Health is always clean despite the number of people who come here every day and I feel safe with the nice security officers. It is my experience that this dental office here is on par with private practices with the added bonus of not paying so much for their excellent service and professional work. I rate them five stars.

My husband had hernia operation, my mother had total hip replacement and my son is born in this hospital.We all were happy with services.

After a lengthy stay undergoing open heart surgery here, my brother was recently treated again in the ER. This time for possible blood clots? Dr Christan Gianopoulos was on duty today and I have to say I am so happy he was. Thank God no blood clots were found but the attention he gave my brother was outstanding. Thank you again for your wonderful bedside manner!!!