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Right on River. Pleasant service. Valet parking only. Room with two queen beds. Both beds very comfortable. Room very clean. Secured floors. Need room key to operate elevator. Within walking distance to multiple restaurants. Restaurants in area of eclectic cuisine. Asian, Italian, French, American. A couple of pubs if you prefer.

Absolutely incredible location. Attended a friends wedding here and it was amazing.... their food was out of this world as was the ambiance of their ballroom... the dance floor was a bit small and it was a bit odd that we had to exit the ball room to get to the bar outside the doors but all in all absolute top notch

Fantastic hotel in the heart of downtown Ft. Lauderdale. The parking is a nightmare and is really expensive at $30 if you aren't staying here. It has a lot of rooms for parties & conferences. Good view of the Tarpon River. Good view of the city from the top rooms.

Location great...Lots going on also time to relax.. wish they served frozen drinks by the pool and room service was slow. Will definitely stay again

Nice hotel but it's old and you can tell. All the pictures you see online are of the new tower where in guessing the rooms are nicer. Staff is great and helpful but we did call because our room never got made up at 2pm and nobody showed up until almost 5pm. I'm not sure I would stay here again.