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It was our first time here and it was really a lot of fun. Our server Nissa was fun and checked on us constantly. The manager was walking the floor and keeping an eye on everything, and came to our table to speak to us. The food is in big portions so you don't go away hungry. We went on Saturday so there was an art show happening on the blocked off street right outside. Very cool!

I cannot wait to get back to South Florida for brunch at American Social. I have two major celebrations coming up and I will definitely make American Social a part of at least one of them. The omelette station brunch was amazing and the bartenders were great. At the end of brunch a dj sets up and the entire atmosphere changes. We had so much fun that we were there at least 6 hours. Thank you for the great experience!

Nice bar. Lots of good looking people. Fun atmosphere. Drink prices are a little pricey. On weekends the place is packed like a can of sardines. Fun place to hangout

Superb brunch buffet with endless Mimosa glass and very friendly staff that provided excellent service. Great place for brunch on Sunday.

Good Times! Fantastic atmosphere and energy. Food is good and staff is friendly. Pricing is in line with venue. Highly recommend A+