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Round Canvas Seance Cabinets -Available for Sale
This is part of Round Canvas Seance Cabinets -Available for Sale

We Got SPIRIT! Yes, We Do! We Got SPIRIT! How ‘bout You!?!

Black out those Windows. Clean the Floors. Circle the Chairs. Turn on Lively Music. Turn off the Lights. Pray. Sing. And Enjoy the Company of Friends on Both Sides of the Veil of Life… 

If you are ready to host your own séances or development circles, these professionally made rounded canvas cabinets were inspired by those used by world class physical mediums of today and yesteryear. This design was created by Rev. Kevin Lee (Certified Spiritual Medium, Radio Host, Metaphysical Speaker, Author) after realizing how many wanted to sit for trance or physical mediumship development yet lacked a sacred space to call their own, much less travel with. 

*This makes a Great Gift for Churches, Centers and Developing Students… 

Cabinet Curtain - Black Cotton/Polyester Canvas Blend (Light weight)
Large Vent Hole at Top of Cabinet for Air Flow
Cabinet Trim – Red 100% Cotton – Seller URL Label Affixed (bottom front)
Hula Hoop for Internal Displacement of Curtains
Nylon Support Cords (Hang from Ceiling)

Shipping (USA & International)
We will wrap the canvas tightly (expect some wrinkles). Wrinkles easily removed by hanging in closed bathroom with hot shower/steam for couple of hours or using proper steaming tool, NOT AN IRON (which will damage this fabric).

We will include all pieces of the Hoop, Support Cords, Connectors for 5 segmented hoop pieces and instructions for RECONSTRUCTION which takes literally less than 15 minutes. Hoop not shipped as “one large hoop” but segmented into 5 segments. Hoop will certainly be strong enough to support cabinet materials once you reconstruct (very easy to do!) the segments using regular or strong glue and some clear packing tape around segments. Our Prototypes worked brilliantly after we deconstructed and reconstructed them!

Cabinet canvas (sewn by a Professional Seamstress) hangs approximately 7.5 feet (2.3 meters).
Hoop & Internal cabinet diameter approximately 45 inches (115cm) across – enough to easily contain one person seated in armed chair without canvas touching person.
Dry Clean; or Hand Wash and Air Dry (No Heat/No Iron!)

One (1) Rounded Canvas Séance Cabinet KIT $299.99
SHIPPING *To be determined with Buyer Email Correspondence $ TBD

PURCHASE ONLINE via (in our SHOP).    
or PAYMENTS via, Credit Card or Cash/Check if local pickup. 

KIT includes in One (1) Shipping Container:
One (1) Rounded Canvas Séance Cabinet w/ Red Trim
5 Piece Segmented Hula Hoop & Nylon Cord Attachments
One (1) Instructional Sheet to Reconstruct Hoop for Canvas Cabinet

Refunds / Returns Policy – Buyer agrees @ Purchase to open and honest discussion (via voice or email) with Seller regarding any issues with Merchandise within 30 days from purchase date/receipt of full payments. Failure to communicate properly (via voice or email) results in Cancellation of Buyer Right to Refund/Return. Buyer fully pays for any Shipping Returns. Restocking fee of 25% of KIT PRICE on all orders. Soiled / Damaged items not refunded.
Metaphysical Chapel, c/o Kevin Lee, 1309 SW 8 Ave, Ft Lauderdale FL 33315

Contact the Metaphysical Chapel (Seller) with any Questions: 


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