Change City
Glitch Bar's Killer Queen Draft Nights

Glitch Bar has partnered up with Hybrid Hype Gaming to host Killer Queen Nights! See you there!

Team Sign-ups: 7 pm
First Matches: ~8:30
If your team is running late, please message Hybrid Hype Gaming.

Draft Rules:
- All players will be placed in a randomizer and split into even teams
- Brackets are set as double elimination (You can lose twice).
- Regular Bracket games will be best 3/5.
- Finals (Winner's Finals/Loser Finals/Grand Finals) will be best 4/7.
- Team Captains will play Rock, Paper Scissors and the winner picks the side their team will play on.

What is "Killer Queen?"
Killer Queen is a 5v5-player arcade platform strategy game.

How do you play Killer Queen?
Here is a video breakdown of the rules of the game:

Does it cost anything to play?
Yes. $5 per player per night.

Are there any prizes at the end of the season?
Yes, Glitch Bar will be hanging out prizes to the best players of each season.

If I don't have a team can I still play?
YES! This is a draft so if you come on your own you will be drafted to a team created for that night.

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