Florida Renaissance Festival 2020

We welcome you back to another Season of Romance, Intrigue and Adventure! It’s the 28th Season of our Festival and we’ve decided to go back to the beginning with the undisputed King of the Renaissance, King Henry VIII. 

He’s back and he’s better than ever ,bringing New and Exciting Entertainments, Flavorful Feasts, Merry Music, Delightful Diversions and Wonderful Wares of Artistry and Craftsmanship! King Henry and his lovely and clever wife Anne, Princess of Cleves and Queen of England ,both bid you Welcome to the Renaissance!

 For tickets and more information visit: www.ren-fest.com; Find us on Facebook or follow @FlaRenFest on Twitter and Instagram. Download our festival mobile app by searching Florida Renaissance Festival in the Apple iTunes store or Android market. If you prefer the historical method, call 954-776-1642

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