Change City
Bobby Collins

Hailed by the New York Times as “The Most Natural Comedian Working Today,” Collins’ heartfelt and witty humor engages audiences with a clever blend of characterizations and hilarious observations to which everyone can relate. The Grammy-nominated comedian is known for his live stage performances, cable TV specials, numerous talk show appearances, feature film roles, six comedy CDs and three DVDs – the latest of which, Telling It Like It Is, was praised by the New York Times.

His recently-written book, On the Inside, and will be signing copies following his performance. The book features more than a dozen “witticisms and wisdomisms,” or lessons learned through personal experience “that I apply to my life through my journey through comedy,” Collins said. His lessons include: Look both ways down a one-way street; Never show your enemy your face; Always take your own car; and Never get out of the shower to pee – “everything I wish somebody had told me as a kid that I wouldn’t have listened to anyway,” Collins said.

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