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Anime Iwai Cosplay Runway Madness!

Already planning on wearing your hand-made Donyatsu/Tokyo Ghoul crossplay mashup costume to Anime Iwai: Soar? Register for one of our costume contests for a chance to earn some recognition and sweet prizes in the process!

Who can compete?

All contestants must have a valid Sunday or Weekend Pass to compete.

Participation is limited to only 30 spots! Make sure to sign up online (20 spots are available in advance) or on site Friday or Saturday at the cosplay desk. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This event is open to all costumes. Handmade and store bought are both accepted.

Individual and pair entries only; no groups are permitted in this contest.

What to expect:

This is a runway-style contest, which means no prejudging. Everyone must show up to check in 30 minutes before the event to participate.

All contestants will have a chance to walk the stage and make an impression. Our judges will pick the top 16 based on audience reaction to continue to finals. Be cute, be cool, and be memorable. Get the crowd interested, they are your key to victory!

The 16 finalists will be placed randomly into brackets and compete head to head. Each round will have a unique challenge to perform. (i.e. taunts, victory poses, dancing, etc.) and crowd reaction will determine the victor.


Best in Show and First Runner Up will be determined by the audience.

Three additional contestants will win a Judge's Favorite Award.

Online registration is open until Nov 6th or until 20 people sign up.

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