Change City
2nd Annual COED Matters Tournament "Throwin' it back"

May 19th at Mills Pond Park
2201 NW 9th Ave
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311

2nd Annual COED MATTERS Tournament "Throwin' it back"

Two Divisions:
Bronze Bronze (E) guys and Bronze (D) girls. You are allowed 2 drops. Girls count! Drops = (D) guys & © Girls. NO C guys allowed in BRONZE.

Classifications will be based on current UTRIP CLASSIFICATIONS. If you are currently playing in E then you are Bronze. If you are currently playing D then you are Silver. No exceptions. If your roster contains more than the limit on drop downs you will only be allowed to play OPEN.

Open: Open to anyone except Conference players. A B C D E can play.

Rosters due by Wednesday May 16th.

Format will be 6 & 4 or 7 & 5
Balls will be ISPS
Homeruns will be:
Bronze -> Zero and IE.
Open -> 6 and then just an out.

Girls can play anywhere on the field. Pitchers nets will be used. 1 and 1 count. No extra foul. ISPS Runner per gender (assigned runner can run unlimited and does not need to be on the line up). Walk a guy to get to a girl and girl has the option to walk or hit regardless of outs.
1 day tournament.

Entry fee is $300
Teams must be sanctioned.
Let's have fun and play ball!

Prize Package is
1st Place $75 per team entered and 12 tournament sub-dye shirts.
2nd Place is $25 per team entered
Director Liz Caceres 305-926-8518

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